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Creating an Effective Online Presence

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Facebook in Education: https://www.facebook.com/education



Google Feedburner

Considerations for Web Creation Tools and Platforms

There are many important questions to think about before you start planning your website. The following questions are to help you get started:
  1. Will you and your stakeholders be able to access the site behind the powerful internet filters schools have?
  2. Do you have the ability to add your own domain name? Having a short, memorable domain name makes it easier for students, parents and other stakeholders to remember how to get to your site.
  3. Does the platform work on various mobile devices (iPhone, Android, iPad, etc.) More and more parents and students access the web on their mobile phone. If your audience needs mobile access, make sure the tool you are using will accommodate this.
  4. Do you want to be able to access and edit your content from only one computer? From any internet-connected computer? From a mobile device? Which platforms will work for your needs?
  5. Do you want the ability for other people to add and edit content? Do you want to be able to give "guest authors" access to your site? Do you want the ability to approve guest's writing before it is published?
  6. Do you want the ability to have a blog? Your students to have blogs?
  7. Can you easily embed audio, video, photos and other media?
  8. Do you want visitors to be able to leave comments? Do you want to be able to approve these comments before will be published?
  9. Do you need/want to password protect the entire site? Part of the site?
  10. Do you want the ability to easily change the look and style of the site?
  11. Do you want to be able to edit the HTML and/or CSS to create a custom look and feel for site?
  12. Does the web host/web service put advertising on your website? If they do, can you have it removed?
  13. What if you change you mind...can you export your content so you don't have to start from scratch again?

A Few of My Favorites

My personal favorite is using a self-hosted version of Wordpress. Wordpress is a free, open-source blogging/content management system (CMS) that is powerful and flexible. I love how you can customize Wordpress sites by using different themes, add functionality through plugins. Wordpress is constantly being upgraded and improved with new features.

Wordpress.com and Edublogs.org are hosted Wordpress platforms that are free.

I also like Drupal. Drupal is another free, open-source CMS. It is similar to Wordpress but has many more features built in.

Google Sites is a powerful and very easy to use tool. This website it made with Google Sites. If you can use Word, you can create a website in Google Sites.

Other Website Creation Tools/Platforms

One of the best ways to decide if a tool/platform is right for your needs is to sign up for a free account and start playing! You will be able to pretty quickly decide the pros and cons of a particular tool that way. Use this project to explore what is out there!

Web Based Tools












Computer-based Software

Sandvox (Mac)

Domain Names

It is important to have an easy to remember domain name. Domain names can be purchased for under $10.