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Make It, Take It

These are the basic steps that we will complete (hopefully) today! If you would like to work faster, please use the resources below to aid you in your work!

1. Go to Edublogs.org 

2. Create a new account and website.

3. Check your email and click on the activation link. 

4. Log in to your new Edublogs website. 

5. Change your password. 

6. Explore the dashboard and various menus. The video below shows a slightly different dashboard, but it is generally the same.

7. Look at Appearances --> Themes and choose a theme that you like.

8. Look at Appearances --> Widgets and play around with the widgets. Learn more about widgets here.

9. Go to Posts --> Add New and write your first post

10. Go to Pages --> Edit and edit the About page

11. Go to Feedburner.com (create a google account if you need to) 

12. Validate your RSS feed. 

13. Active the Email Subscription option. 

14. Copy the email subscription form into a text widget in the sidebar of your website. 

Congratulations! You now have..
  1. An active website, 
  2. An "About" page that describes you and/or your classroom, 
  3. Your first post, 
  4. An easy way for your parents to stay connected with your classroom and website.

Other Important Wordpress Basics

How to add categories and tags to posts

How to add photos, videos, and audio to files.

How to add text widgets to your sidebar.

Some general places to find support for Wordpress are:

Learn about FREE Edublogs.org accounts here:http://edublogs.org/features/
Learn about SUPPORTER Edublogs.org accounts here: http://edublogs.org/supporter/

These work will help with Edublogs.org, Wordpress.com, or a self-hosted Wordpress site.
Learn about PREMIUM Wordpress.com accounts here: http://en.wordpress.com/products/

Helpful Resources:

Google Analytics and How to use with Wordpress

How to Install Wordpress on Bluehost.com